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Be Your Best!!!
With Dr. Grace


Benefits of our Healthy Eating Meal Plan 

·        Save time – by batch cooking and prepping, you can eat home cooked meals at every meal, yet shave hours off your time spent in the kitchen each week. You’ll even shave time off your grocery trip with a well organized weekly shopping and pantry lists. 

·        Save money – by combining weekly recipes that utilize similar ingredients and choosing seasonal produce, you reduce your waste and your grocery bill. 

·        No thinking required – no more staring into your open fridge wondering what to eat. Everything is planned for you (and when you pre-prep it on the weekend, eating healthy becomes infinitely easier during the week).

·        Optimal nutrition – the meal plan is based on the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate, providing you with the best, balanced nutrition that supports vibrant health and losing or maintaining a healthy weight. 

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Why you should become a Member?

This membership started because so many people think they need expensive supplements and superfoods to be healthy and loose weight. These items have a long shelf-life and are often addictive, which is why they line the pockets of those who sell them. But they do very little if any good at all for you, and some of them are even extremely harmful, and can prevent the absorption of real nutrients, even going so far as to totally deplete your body of nutrients! 

Through your membership you will be able to get all the nutrients one needs including the essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, macronutrients, enzymes, calories, and even protein and vitamin B12, directly from fresh foods and the simple recipes made with menus and ingredients provided.

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~ A Life-Changing Program to help you release weight through the combined momentum of shifting your Diet, Exercise, and Happiness all at once! ~ A Balanced toolbox of recipes using foods such as: fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to provide both a gentle cleanse and a natural way of eating for life! It isn't about perfection. It is about doing your best and going easy on yourself, remembering it gets easier with practice! Stick with it no matter what; results are cumulative! Let us help you safely reach your own natural health and fitness level now!
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Health Coaching FAQs

What is health coaching?

Health coaching is a one-on-one consulting service in which a certified health coach provides customized, tactical support to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, manage a new health condition, resolve digestive discomfort or create new healthy habits, health coaches create individualized programs tailored to your needs and provide practical, strategic advice and accountability.

What qualifications do Be Your Best coaches have?

All of the Be Your Best coaches have been personally trained by Dr. Grace and have also received Health and Life coaching certifications, in most cases, additional trainings and certifications in nutrition, specific health conditions or modalities such as yoga and meditation.

How do I know if a health coach can help me?

Health coaches don’t diagnose or treat diseases but, instead, help clients make changes that improve their overall health and well-being across a range of health goals, conditions and concerns. If you’re not sure if a coach would be helpful, schedule a call with us today to ask about your specific circumstances: 

Click here now to schedule: https://drgrace.youcanbook.me

    Upcoming events

    • No upcoming events

    Enhance Your Wellness. Enrich Your Life.

    Contact me to learn more about how we might work together to help you reach your wellness goals.  

    1560 Broadway, Manhattan, New York, New York 10036, United States

    Be Your Best, with Dr. Grace

    Certified Nutrition Consultant
    Certified Health Coach

    Phone: 1(888)809-1118


    Click here now to schedule: https://drgrace.youcanbook.me

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